If you think you are too old for Spanish, or anything, perish the thought. Check out this email I received recently

Hello Marcus,

I just love your positive attitude, especially towards the old guy at 43 years of age. So I thought you might like to hear my little story about how the only thing that made me negative was Spanish. In 1966 I was medically discharged from HM forces suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. They said I would struggle to walk and probably die before the age of 50/55.

Not me says I, and to cut it short this year I am 69 going on 50 and honestly I don’t feel a day over it. I firmly believe it is my positive mental attitude that has got me this far, however, I love Spain and play green bowls down there for 6 months every winter, so 5 years ago I started to study Spanish, well, I mean I started to study Spanish grammar and as the Lady in Red said BIG MISTAKE, BIG BIG MISTAKE.

We have just returned to the UK from Spain, but a month before we left I downloaded your program Synergy Spanish and our Spanish friends could not believe the progress I made in 1 month.

The trouble with grammar is it does make you negative, hell, I don’t know how many endings there are for 1 verb but it’s impossible to remember them all and besides I didn’t learn about the preterit and subjunctive etc.; at school so why do I need them in Spanish, anyway, I became more and more negative about Spanish. Now I am back to my old positive self (Sorry! Young positive self) and really motoring on with the language.

I have just finished Synergy Spanish and have written to Ava requesting some of the informal stuff. Maybe the 43 year old made the same mistake as I did so you are welcome to send him a copy of this e-mail and to anyone else who has made the same mistake.

Thanks a million Marcus